About Us

We were prompted to start Swankee when we couldn't find shirts that featured intricate calligraphy and graffiti style designs. We promise you that you won't see our designs anywhere else. They're guaranteed to turn heads and start conversations wherever you are. Our items are for those who enjoy standing out in a crowd versus those who are lost in the shuffle. Swankee is for those who seek enlightenment, empowerment, and elevation of one's self.

Swankee is a variation of the word Swanky which means to be elegant, fashionable, and have swagger. Our designs not only embody that definition but derive from a variety of cultures and styles woven together to express knowledge, beauty, and creativity. We work with incredible artists from all around the world to bring our ideas to life. Simplicity isn't a word we live by. We aim to initiate thought, and advocate creative expression through our complex and bold designs. Calligraphy and graffiti is very prominent in our designs because they are two very distinct and underappreciated art forms that we love and respect. Wherever you are we implore you to Wear Swankee, Be Swankee, and Stay Swankee at all times.